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We offer a variety of fun, wholesome, delicious finger food Colombian style Empanadas, hot sauces and healthy paleo baked goods that are a high-quality food product ideally suited to provide a healthy and natural meal at any time of the day.

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“Adriana: You made a hungry boy very happy today!”


“As the Sr. Director for Internships at the Muma College of Business at USF, I often meet students who are highly motivated and seeking internships.  Sometimes, I have the opportunity to work with students who are starting their own companies at our Student Innovation Incubator, and having experience as an entrepreneur, I encourage students and help where I can.  In the case of Adriana, I was thoroughly impressed by her business plan, work execution and how far along Yummi Empandas has progressed.  Not only has the Co-founder (Adriana) amazed me, but her empanadas just ROCK!  These savory treats have a unique flavor and the dipping sauce that she serves with them just makes the deal.  The empanadas are made from her grandmother’s recipe from Colombia and somehow Yummi has maintained that authentic taste, feel, and presentation.  If you like fresh ingredients and authentic flavors these empanadas are for you!  There is a solid reason why these empanadas are named Yummi…
Dr. Cyndy Sanberg, Ph.D. – Sr. Director of Business Engagement & Internships at USF”

Cyndy Sanberg

“Empanadas so good even my dog tries to get a bite!”


I am not a big fun of baked products and of course I was skeptical to try Yummi Empanadas. However, it is a great and delicious product. My favorite flavor is CHEESE!!!! I highly recommend everyone to try it!

Ekaterina Osipova

Their food is simply Yummi.

Vickie Chachare
“Yummi empanadas and muffins are some of the best I have had. The empanadas are great to snack on and the sauces are delicious, especially the one with the peanuts. I also love the different flavors and their colors to differentiate them. I also like the paleo muffin with its right balance of sweet and fluffy texture. Although it is a departure from its traditional roots this food is the bomb!!”
Tyagi Ramakrishnan

“We believe these empanadas are very unique in appearance and flavor. They were a hit in our office. Not only were they the best looking, but they were the best flavored empanadas our company has ever tasted!”

Rena Doniger
“I love the choices that I am offered with yummmiempanadas. There are many options with flavor, including a vegetarian option and multiple options for ají (which is a must!) another amazing this about these empanadas is that they are so easy to make when they are shipped to you, and they can be preserved for a long time. I can tell each empanada is made with love, they are a must try!”
Kelly Logan
“These are the best empanadas in Tampa!  And I’d love to use them to cater my next party, it’ll create a little buzz in the room with all the great colors!”

“Yummi empanadas are not only delicious, they are fun to eat, pleasing to the eye, and the sauces bring them to perfection.”

Jim Taylor

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